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Majestic Software Showcase

July 9, 2020

MJC8 Q400 cleared for takeoff in P3D v5!

The MJC8 Q400 add-on by Majestic Software is a highly realistic rendition, built after the Bombardier™ Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. There are 4 editions available, differentiating in the price and the included features.

  • PILOT Edition: Designed for home flight-simmers, who want a state-of-the-art hardcore add-on but do not require the complex features, such as the instructor panel system monitoring, circuit breakers simulation, failures simulation, or the shared cockpit.
  • PRO Edition: Developed for advanced users or airline pilots wishing to improve their knowledge of the Dash 8 Q400 airplane. This edition has all the features of the PILOT edition, plus the Head up Guidance System simulation, the shared cockpit feature and several more.
  • TRAINING Edition: Currently in development, this edition is dedicated to the airlines, wishing to have a good quality inexpensive solution for the Dash 8 Q400 technical and procedural training for both technical staff and the flight crews.
  • COCKPIT Edition: Currently in development, this edition can be used as a base for driving the home made cockpit as well as hardware procedural trainer flight simulators.

The MJC8 Q400 is available for purchase today for Prepar3D v4 and v5.

Milviz Showcase

June 26, 2020

Experience the Real World!

Milviz, Military Visualizations, has been producinq high quality and accurate 3D models and animations for Prepar3D from the very beginning and they now support Prepar3D v5. Their motto is, and has always been, quality or why bother. With that, they pride themselves on the accuracy and detail of what they do, not just in modelling and painting but also in gauge, systems code and true-to-life flight dynamics. Leveraging a team of real world pilots who not only perform their beta testing, they also play a major role in crafting realistic FDE’s, as well as writing the detailed product manuals.

Milviz has enjoyed the far-reaching freedoms of the open Prepar3D SDK platform.
It is these freedoms that allow Milviz to meet the most exacting requirements of its student clients, both military and civilian – whether it is systems accurate avionics, advanced flight dynamics or amazing textures.

Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix 2 Now Available

June 23, 2020

The Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix 2 ( is now available. It can be downloaded immediately from the Purchased Downloads section of the website.

The Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix 2 contains additional fixes for high priority issues identified after launch.

Only the Client installer is required for the majority of fixes present in Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix 2. The Content, Scenery, and SDK installers are optional. Each fix listed below is categorized per installer. Please note, you must first have Prepar3D v5 installed to utilize any of the standalone installers (Client, Content, and Scenery). The Prepar3D v5.0 update may require you to reactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection or have not made any major hardware changes between installations this should not be an issue. For more information please view the Prepar3D v5 Download and Installation Directions.

The newly posted Prepar3D v5.0 ( Full Download on the Purchased Downloads page includes Hotfix 2 and Hotfix 1.

Please be aware that some third party developers might have to update their add-ons to be compatible with this hotfix. Please contact the third party developers directly for any compatibility questions.

    Client Fixes and Improvements

    • Improved Dynamic Texture Streaming performance.
    • Fixed issue causing Scaleform elements to flash including the menu bar and ATC window.
    • Fixed issue causing invalid wind aloft direction values.
    • Improved startup load time.
    • Fixed crash when switching views in PBR vehicles on various AMD graphics cards.
    • Fixed issue causing effects to lag behind attach points in some cases.
    • Improved effect rendering performance.
    • Fixed issue causing invalid particle lighting in multiple views in some cases.
    • Fixed issue causing emitted extrusions to be invalid at certain rotation angles.
    • Fixed issue where flashing textures could occur in some cases with Dynamic Texture Streaming active.
    • Fixed crash that would occur on startup if add-on description was blank.
    • Fixed issue causing kneeboard and scenario briefing pages to be blank.
    • Added chroma key support to Varjo XR-1 headset.
    • Fixed issue where startup screen preview window would stop rendering after location change.
    • Fixed issue preventing Dynamic Texture Streaming from disabling in some cases.
    • Search boxes in relevant UI screens are now focused when opened.
    • Fixed issue where preview window would not work in structured scenarios.
    • Fixed crash seen when changing between tower and pilot roles in some cases.
    • Fixed weather theme sync issues between the startup and weather screens.
    • Fixed issue preventing Wingman AI Behaviors from saving offsets correctly.
    • Fixed issue preventing SimDirector OffsetXYZ control from accepting negative values.
    • Fixed issue where role type box would not size correctly in the multiplayer UI in some cases.
    • Fixed issues with SimConnect BeginVideoStream.
    • Improved reflection performance.
    • Fixed visual issues with distance remaining signs.
    • Fixed issue where loading flight plans would not update the map in startup and multiplayer screens.
    • Map screen now supports heading and airspeed changes while moving the user.
    • Adjusted sun and moon sizes in Enhanced Atmospherics.
    • Fixed issue with TexturePlugin providing render targets with state data.
    • Fixed DIS enumerations for F-22 and F-35 aircraft.
    • Fixed terrain cracks that could occur in reflections.
    • Fixed issue where location text could be cut off in the Startup and MiniChooser screens.
    • Improved map UI loading times.
    • Improved transparent object sorting with Enhanced Atmospherics.
    • Fixed issue causing missing autogen in some cases when using add-on.xmls.
    • Fixed issues with additive effects sorting incorrectly with clouds.
    • Fixed multi-GPU crash with Dynamic Texture Streaming.
    • Program and Environment simvars can now be set in XML gauge code.
    • Updated attenuation for PBR and non PBR dynamic lighting.
    • Updated falloff exponent for non PBR dynamic lighting.
    • Fixed issue where high cockpit LOD configuration setting would be reverted to 0 when settings were reduced.
    • Engines are now started for helicopter AI entities that spawn in the air.
    • Fixed issue preventing tooltips from displaying in map UI screens.
    • Added VR setting to disable Hidden Area Mesh.
    • Fixed issue where SimConnect menu events were not being processed.
    • Fixed issue preventing PDK add-ons from adding menu items to the “Add-ons” menu.
    • UI search boxes no longer handle the escape key when empty and immediately process the search when pressing enter.
    • Improved SinglePass VR latency fixing issue where dynamic light positions could be one or two frames behind.
    • Fixed issue preventing Scaleform RTT elements from rendering.
    • Fixed issue that could cause the SimDirector UI to become unresponsive if an error popup occurred when selecting an object.
    • Entries in the Facility Selection screen can now be double-clicked.
    • Fixed issue that could prevent AI Behaviors from activating at scenario start in some cases.
    • Improved error handling when reading sim object configuration data.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when running multiplayer and changing scenery library settings.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when using the multiplayer autostart command line option with multiplayer autostart configuration settings enabled.
    • Fixed issue causing differences in reported wind direction in some cases.
    • Fixed issue that could cause visual errors with runway edge lines at sloped airports.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when loading third party AI vehicles in some cases.
    • Fixed error when comparing property name strings in recording/playback in some cases.
    • Fixed shutdown crash when using Varjo headsets.
    • Fixed crash when changing Varjo VR view options.

    Content Fixes and Improvements

    • Added landing light fx file.
    • Updated tail number geometry and material on various default vehicles.

    Scenery Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed issue with jetway decal textures turning asphalt aprons white.
    • Fixed various water, terrain, coastline, bridge, and various other data issues.
    • Fixed issues with St. Paul and St. George islands, Victoria Falls.
    • Fixed issues with Washington DC scenery objects, San Siro Stadium, and Generali Tower.
    • Updates to various airports including LFMV, KOFF, KGGG, EFHK, SBSP, EDDH, EDVK, KAKR, KPIT, RJBB, EDDS, EGPF, KBUR, PALR, VOTR, KVPD, LIMC, PASI, and EGGW.

    SDK Fixes and Improvements

    • Added OpenGLTexture sample back to SDK.
    • Added 3dsMax 2020 and 2021 support.

Thanks again for your support!

FlyTampa Showcase

June 23, 2020

FlyNow with FlyTampa!

Whether you are looking for high quality airports in North America, Australia or areas in between, FlyTampa has some great options for you to explore. FlyTampa has been specializing and producing high quality airport add-ons for Prepar3D for many years and many of their airports are ready for Prepar3D v5.

Checkout the gallery for screenshots of Copenhagen, Montreal, Boston, Sydney and Vegas of airports you can purchase at FlyTampa!

Captain Sim Showcase

June 19, 2020

767-300ER Ready for Takeoff!

The 767-300ER is the most successful variant in the 767 aircraft family with more orders placed than all other variants combined. Thanks to the beautiful work performed by Captain Sim you can fly it yourself in Prepar3D v5.

The 767-300ER Base Pack delivers a highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the Boeing 767-300ER wearing Captain Sim House livery.

Some key highlights included:

  • Functional flight deck loaded with advanced systems simulation
  • Cabin with 3D windows, interior, stewardess and animated pilots
  • Hundreds of realistic animations including brand-new wing flex
  • Realistic flight model
  • 4K Ultra-High resolution textures

You can purchase the 767-300ER today at Captain Sim’s Online Store!

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