P3D Developer Network

As an open simulation platform with a free Software Development Kit, Prepar3D fosters an open and thriving ecosystem of developers. As Prepar3D continues its active development, the development team continues to add more and more features and interfaces to the Software Development Kit so that Prepar3D developers can continue to bring new innovations and higher quality add-on and training content to the Prepar3D platform. Examples of Prepar3D add-ons can range from scenery, vector data, landclass data, to planes, submarines, land vehicles, and even radar, GPS and rendering plugins. The Prepar3D development ecosystem is thriving, there are a multitude of developers that develop and sell air, land and sea vehicles as add-ons compatible with Prepar3D. For more information on how to become a Prepar3D developer, and the benefits developers receive, see the P3D Developer Subscription program page.

New Vehicles Included in Prepar3D v5+ from Developer Network Partners

Lockheed Martin F-35B

Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II
Provided by Dino Cattaneo

Lockheed Martin F-35C

Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II
Provided by Dino Cattaneo

  P3D Developer Network Partner Add-ons provided for Prepar3D  
29 Palms Scenery  Airports  
A2A Simulations Air Vehicles
Aerosoft Air Vehicles, Airports, Environment, Terrain, Tools
Alabeo Air Vehicles  
Asian Airport Sceneries Airports  
Bihrle Applied Research Simulation Analysis and Development Tools  
BlackBox Simulation Air Vehicles  
Captain Sim Air Vehicles
Carenado Air Vehicles
Distributive Military Simulators LLC Military Simulation Devices  
Drzewiecki Design Airports, Cities, Textures  
Elite Simulation Solutions Training Devices, Training Software
Engineering Support Personnel, Inc. Engineering and Simulation Support and Services  
Flight1 Aviation Technologies Air Vehicles, Gauges, Tools
Flightbeam Studios Airports
Fly Tampa Airports
FS-FlightControl Flight Instructor Operator Station (IOS)  
fsAerodata Navigation Data
FSFlyingSchool Flight Instruction
FSReborn by Flight Sim Technologies Software Suites, Effects, Tools  
HiFi Technologies Weather Engine, Weather Radar
India Alpha Foxtrot Echo Air Vehicles  
Iris Dynamics Ltd. Control Loading Simulator Hardware  
IRIS Flight Simulation Software Air Vehicles
Just Flight Air Vehicles  
LVFR Airports
Lionheart Creations Air Vehicles  
Majestic Software Air Vehicles
Milviz Flight Simulations Air Vehicles
logo Mindstar Aviation Simulation Software & Hardware  
National Flight Academy Immersive Learning Experiences  
Navigraph Charts, Navigational Data, Videos  
Opus Software Ltd. Weather Engine, Camera Controls, Networked Views  
Orbx Airports, Scenery, Terrain, Vector Data
PILOT’s Vector Data, Weather Engine  
PilotEdge Live Air Traffic Control Services  
PMDG Simulations Air Vehicles
logo Precision Flight Controls Flight Simulation Hardware  
ProSim Aviation Research B.V. Professional Simulation Software Suites  
QualityWings Simulations Air Vehicles  
Razbam Air Vehicles  
Redbird Flight Simulations Training Devices  
REX Game Studios Environment, Gauges, Radar, Weather  
Ryan Aerospace Training Devices  
Saitek Flight Simulation Hardware and Panels
ScruffyDuck Software Airport Design Software  
Six Degrees of Simulation, Inc. Engineering and Simulation Support and Services  
Talon Simulations Virtual Reality in Motion  
TEQGames Immersive Learning Experiences  
logo TFDI Design Air Vehicles and Simulation Software  
True Course Simulations Flight Simulation Training  
Varjo Virtual Reality Headsets
logo Virtavia Air Vehicles  
Wilco Publishing Air Vehicles
Xtreme Prototypes, Inc. Air Vehicles