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Postby FSMP » Fri May 11, 2012 3:50 pm

Please can we have an OFFICIAL recommendation from the P3D Developers at Lockheed, as to the Options for Choice of Drive & Directory, that P3D "may" be installed in.

Does it HAVE to be installed in C:\Program File (X86), or can it be installed virtually anywhere ?

ie D:\P3D

There is a lot of advise being offered, where those having problems are being told they MUST install P3D in the default C:]\program Files (x86) directory structure.

I have my P3D installed in E:\P3D to keep it off the OS drive, and to avoid Windows 7/Vista Permissions issues.

As expected, it seems to work fine there .. ( I would say BETTER than in C:\Program Files (X86) )

Maybe Lockheed can clear this one up, as it may save a lot of people wasting their time, re-installing P3D.

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