Saving custom cameras in a scenario not persistent

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Saving custom cameras in a scenario not persistent

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Hello, I open a new topic on custom cameras because other topics already exist but are locked. I use P3D v5 Academic with both updates 1 and 2.

So I created 21 custom cameras based on the "virtual cockpit only" and displayed them on my screen all in different views resized in small format. As long as I stay in my initial flight, the 21 customs cameras are present in the context menu pop up from cockpit mode as well as in the UI "management cameras" menu and the main menu bar item "new view" or "change view". I should point out that I saved the different custom cameras with the option "scenario" in the UI management camera.

Then I save my flight scenario; but when I reload this same flight scenario, only 16 of the 21 customs cameras created are present in the pop up pop menu as well as in the contextual menu management cameras. However, the 21 views of the 21 custom cameras are still displayed but the pop up menus contain only 16 as well as in the UI the cameras management and main menu "New view" or "Change view".

I tested this creation of cameras with different planes and in different flight scenario situations; the result is always the same: only 16 out of 21 custom cameras created are present when I reload a flight scenario.

Yet when I open the fxml scenario file in the Note Pad, the list of 21 custom camera "cameralocation" is present in the fxml file of the scenario.

So is this a limitation of P3D v5 or should we still wait for a future update?
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