P3D 4.4 created issues when attaching objects

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P3D 4.4 created issues when attaching objects

Postby obinder » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:19 pm

Hello @ll,

in previous versions of P3D it was possible to attach sim objects to each other using the appropriate SimConnect methods. This worked really well, even when cascading = attaching multiple objects to each other, like a chain.

In P3D V4.4, these secondary attached objects have acquired a delay in rendering, they are no longer rigidly attached, but they lag behind - this becomes most annoying when the "master" object is moving and the attachment is creeping away from the point that it was attached to.

This issue breaks a few key features of our apps. It would be good to know if this change was intentional or if it is more of a bug - and if there is hope that it will return to proper operations with a P3D update in the future?

Best regards
Oliver Binder

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