Autogen loading: still no solution??

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Re: Autogen loading: still no solution??

Postby F-WWOW » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:30 am

Here are my settings allowing me to see the autogen even at FL330 with the FSLabs A3XX:

UsePools=0 //Said to be a only FSX tweak, it gives much more FPS in P3D


Upper_FrameRate_Limit=61 //The most important thing is to use the internal frame rate limiter



Vsync is used in the Nvidia driver parameters.
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Re: Autogen loading: still no solution??

Postby Senchay » Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:30 pm

No autogen, even with unlocked fps is not a normal thing. I made lots of words in my last post about this already and i think its always something related to addons and scenery. Sometimes ppl tend to overset settings too what can cause this effect too.

In a normal working P3d one can fly 12 hours unlocked and autogen will still be there. I just did it this night from ZHCC to PANC in the pmdg 748, no issues whatsoever. This with nearly fulltime overcast with rex skyforce clouds, Tomatoshade, activesky, utlive traffic and whatever.

No i dont want to sound like im saying there is no issue. Im well aware of it and if someone read my last topic he can see what i mean. But this is NOT normal behavior. Otherwise i would not able to do this.

To the person who said "why would one NOT lock his fps", well, because it has a lot of bad effects too maybe. Locking fps since 4.4 causes for 80% of ppl a way lower fps value as these locked fps value. For example i get always everywhere in the world (besides KLAX and KJFK...) over 30, often up to 60 fps in a pmdg vc on departure. When i lock fps to 30 this value can go down to 20. Sometimes in some planes even to like 15 in high density areas, where everything runs perfectly fluid with over 30 fps unlocked. And this is exactly what near to everyone i talk to in our community also can say.

If one locks fps outside by nvidia inspector one dramatically lowers his GPU power, what causes way worse looking clouds and sometimes issues with the flightmodel too. Now all those things may happen, like more blurries and less autogen. Just make the test if someone has Skyforce or other higher demanding weather apps. Do one flight in overcast unlocked and one locked. In 100% of cases i get beautiful overcast when i unlock and not really nice looking clouds as well as the typical circle cloud formations that build up around your plane in circle with locked fps.

If one locks outside with rivatuner on demand same effect occurs, the GPU power is dramatically lowered, causing all those effects mentioned + more microstutter if one has a monitor with another refreshrate as the set fps lock. You basically make a 1060 out of your 1080TI. Literally. One gimps the GPU in a dramatic way. Just to rant then about blurries or whatever.

The only way to have a positive effect on terrain rendering and autogen is by locking inside p3d but this causes the low fps.

All this things vary greatly of course, depending on the addons one has installed. If one is flying over ORBX True Earth its something different as over orbx global of course and settings have also impact. But genrally spoken this is what most ppl can confirm after looking closely.
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Re: Autogen loading: still no solution??

Postby sw34669 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:30 pm

Ok, ive been able to mostly resolve this. Certain tweaks cause an imbalance of how much time is allocated to ground textures, buildings, AA etc etc etc etc. The worst one I have have found is our friend, the more frames tweak, fiber frame time. I have spent decades fiddling with this with PMDG to attain better frame rates and fluidity; in 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 this also impacts autogen much more. As add-ons have increased in quality and size so the engine has to push more bits around.

One of the things Rob A posted a vid on last year was this very area of frames vs autogen.

I fly 4.4, highres textures and the PMDG 737800 and the fslabs a320x ..... I use a 6 core 5930k and one single 980ti (i got rid of SLI).

Over xmas I came to the conclusion that FFT impacted autogen so much I was better to leave it at the default of .33
I only set set
- Allows more time for textures to be processed
- loads and keeps more textures in vram so when you re-pan to an airport youve just taken off from (on the downwind) it doesnt have to pop in again or when you go external and it doesnt have to reload your or ai aircraft. Reduce this to 12000 (12km) if your system isnt as beefy as mine.
- If you have free vram it will reduce how agressive the engine is at throwing textures away

I have 30 frames set in sim and vsync on

After suffering from patchy autogen for some time, a year .... these changes above sorted it out. I can maintain 30 FPS unless im coning into a huge area but my autogen building quan is max, autogen draw set to high.

Although it's not as fluid a framerate at using FFT=.10 I never ever see autogen loading late and in patches in 4.4

A week ago I went back to using FFT.10 and yup autogen popping issues

The tweaks above i've found load in more textures, earlier and keep them in vram longer. The hit caused when the engine causes textures to be brought in from disk again is huge.

Try remving the FFT tweak and put the in above, set locked 30FPS and vsync in game and fly into an average autogen area you know to be poppy and see what happens.

Add-on landclass, vector, highres textures, buildings, sky, clouds all put load of an engine that still needs a bit of work to keep up. LM are working this i'm pretty sure.

My learning is going anywhere near FFT, for my system, causes an autogen horror show, at times, the above fixed it (your mileage may vary).


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Re: Autogen loading: still no solution??

Postby Gabe777 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:22 pm

Great find with the 16000 tweak. Increases my 1080 vram from 3.5 to 5.5 GB useage.

But, black airport textures are no more !


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