Why many simmers with bathymetry ON?

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Post by nemo06 »

I do not understand, in the Learning Center is written:

Bathymetry: This check box enables underwater elevations. Enable this setting for underwater training scenarios.

In fact, flying there is no graphics differences between ON and OFF.
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Post by Kosta »

*irony on
Because a simmer likes to have all options on, even useless ones. Just check the OOM problem ;-)
*irony off
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Post by TomazDrnovsek »

Well.. Bathymetry sounds like something important ;) .. I'm new to P3D and I had it on (until now, thanks!) because I didn't really know what it means (English is not my first language). When in Settings menu I simply ignored this setting so I didn't turn it off, why I don't know.
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Post by Penz »

You can't do the training scenario with the submersible if it isn't enabled ... =p
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Post by skywreck »

While on this subject...... I have tried to use the Ohio Class in v2.5 but couldn't find any panel or commands. Is there a panel for this, otherwise how would you navigate?

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