Prepar3D for dataset creation

SDK supports Prepar3D’s philosophy of an open development architecture and encourages third parties to bring new innovations with improved add-ons and training content.
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Prepar3D for dataset creation

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Assuming a use case of automating the creation of datasets for training neural networks for e.g. a vision based Autoland system. With that respect, we would likely want to create a plug-in that:
1. automates the positioning of the camera at different locations and orientation along approach paths to runways all over the world and capture those images together with some ground truth information (e.g. camera position, runway position…) that would be used as expected outputs during the training of the neural nets.
2. automates the variations in terms of weather, day/night mode.
3. maybe can create particular scenario where it positions specific objects on the runway (e.g. a plane, a truck…)
4. Uses the custom post process system advertised in the developer features to simulate lens artifacts (e.g. chromatic aberrations, motion blur, lens dirt/dust, distortion…)
5. Uses the custom post process system to generate segmentation maps of the environment as metadata in addition to the images. As for other metadata, maybe we could project lat/lon coordinates of some known key points into the image (assumes knowing the graphics stack 3D transformations to apply) to get their corresponding image pixel coordinates ? Or is there a better way to retrieve some information about the 3D world like for instance the location of the 4 corners of the runway inside the generated images ?
6. Simulate other kind of sensors than vision based camera (e.g. infrared). I see night vision and infrared is advertised in the tool capabilities. How realistic is this ?

First of all are all those things possible with prepar3D ? Any comments on those ?

Secondly, can you confirm that the Professional Developer License is what we would need to develop and implement the plugin ? Do we then need in addition a professional license to actually run the plugin or not ? If we stop with the developer license once the plugin is developed, can we still run the plugin with a professional license only ?

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Re: Prepar3D for dataset creation

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I can't comment on your first question, but for the second I suggest you send an email to:

Send both questions, the licensing guys may be able to direct your first question to the right people.

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