Prepar3d v6 global objects GUIDs

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Prepar3d v6 global objects GUIDs

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It seems P3DV6 Global Objects GUIDs as listed in the current SDK ... jects.html
have somehow changed and/or have not been fully updated since previous versions (until V5)

A few examples for ILS associated objects as included in stock P3Dv6 files
AIR_LocalizerAntenna01 GUID is now {faaf973e-b5c3-4791-b74d-f09698c93ad1} and not {fe978b1b-6b2f-4898-9e5d-a008e8675ed4}
SCO_gen_ilstransmitter GUID is now {f1a5f6d7-3fe5-4499-87be-657cb0bd1e7c} and not {73286269-0380-11d3-9c85-00105a0ce62a}
SCO_gen_checkershed GUID is now {5a628337-5960-4a1c-b658-1e39d70099de} and not {c545a270-e2ec-11d2-9c84-00105a0ce62a}
These GUIDs are not included in the SDK document

Regarding navaid associated scenery objects, there's also some "new" GUIDs for some VOR objects while many VOR/NDB "old" objects are not used anymore.

So, it may be that the global objects list data has not been updated. Will it be?
Are GUIDs from previous versions still usable for P3Dv6 scenery design?

Thanks for your feedback


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