P3D vs MS2020

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P3D vs MS2020

Post by Uriah »

Well done Lockheed Martin. At least when you release your Flight Simulators we can download them and install them. No chance with MICROSOFT.....useless they are.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Alox »

We now MS2020 offers more things out of the box but after tested it, they have too much to fix.

In other hand i believe P3D can go in the right way if they implement in a short period of time:

1.- Good work with EA.
2.- Improving the balance of performance between components (Gpu and Memory Ram).
3. Ray Tracing.

As long-term improvements we can mention some of those that are in the Prepar3D Feature Requests section.

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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by kahngrotbo »

After trying MSFS I actually bought V5 and have been loving it. No crashes so far with my ORBX, UTLIVE, Active Sky and GSX running <knock on wood>.

What I would like to see is maybe a system to have google maps download scenery much like MSFS does with Bing (bing is way out of date) and better texturing while it looks good now in 4k would like maybe 4k textures for more than just airports. I know Ray Tracing would be nice too. Perhaps a real world weather generation as well that keeps up with the weather like Active Sky does but I am happy with Active Sky thus far.

The nice thing about the code they and the changes they made they have shown the code can be adapted to not only be more stable but can have new things implemented while keeping the backwards compatibility with FSX legacy add ons, gauges and add ons.

Just my opinion!
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Jameson »

MSFS (not MSFS2020, that doesn't exist) is, as of now, a game with a LOT of hype surrounding it and shouldn't really be compared to P3D which is a very well established simulator with an insane amount of addons and proven stability.

MSFS has all the work of elevating itself to the level of the currently available simulators and lose the "game" tag which it earned due to its "feel" and wrong initial direction. Yeah so it has great graphics and world representation, but it still fails miserably in a lot of places around the world

So, let time pass, let it develop and gain momentum, then we'll see if it survives. This is Prepar3D's forum anyway, hardly a place to start "versus" discussions as such.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Uriah »

Now that I have FS2020 setup and working, I will say that the graphics and colours of the scenery is outstanding. It is very very good but I hate the interface and it is difficult, beyond difficullt to get the controls similar to what we are all used to...or myself for that matter am used to. I will not draw up any divorce papers with P3D (Lockheed Martin) just yet and do not think it will ever happen. If P3D(Lockheed Martin) can get the graphics and world terrain and colours as FS2020 they will be on a winner and that will be the end of FS2020 in my opinion.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by niksan29 »

there is no doubt, all the shortcomings that the new sim currently has will be fixed.
when this happens, then most likely the prepar3d will become irrelevant;(

to compete, need the following features for prepar3d:

1)photo background of the whole world
2)updated nav base
3)really runway follows terrain(sloped)
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Uriah »

For the time it took to develop FS2020 there are an awful lot of things wrong with it. There should have been a different approach for the XBOX and the PC in my opinion. The interface is XBOX and is not geared up for the PC.
Today I installed LatinVFR's KMIA (Miami). It is good but after taking off, on the perimeter interstates where there's a lot of flyovers and the like ....it is solid underneath and the vehicles are driving up and over. Looks terrible. Flying in Alaska there are ten's if not hundreds of spikes in the terrain. Logitech panels are not recognised and cannot get to work, but Microsoft decided to make the logitech/Saitek yoke, rudder pedals and throttle quadrant work......Why one and not the other???? I ask what were the beta testers doing ? I'll wait and see the outcome.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Blaunarwal »

Uriah wrote: Sun Aug 30, 2020 4:01 pm I ask what were the beta testers doing ? I'll wait and see the outcome.
And all these priviliged alpha testers. They were shooting and posting ah and oh screenshots.
There were even lots of addon makers in the boat but they seem only to care for their sales.

I'm still with 4.5, waiting for 5.1 here. 4.5 is a good sim, with very good addons. Really bad, both sims have always ctd 's from addons and it is so difficult to find the cause. I can reset everything to default and it runs, but that's not what I want to do all month once at least. I did not buy MSFS and when I read critics and looked at videos from normal users, I found my decision was great. Somehow the show before was much better than what was published now. I was always sceptical about the quality they promised. It was too hard to believe.

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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by JEL »

I am still on P3D v3, so my comparison is not quite fair... but having jumped on board with the FS2020...

Wow is the only word I can think of.

FS2020, in my opinion (And in relation to p3D v3, which, as said, is not a really fair comparison), blows P3D right out of the virtual sky.

FS2020 is so amazingly good it's stunning that it can actually run on a GTX980 card, but it does. And it runs well enough to be useable.

I don't know what contract Lockheed-Martin made when they got FSX back in the day, but I honestly can't see myself staying with P3D (As in, getting V5) now that FS2020 has materialized.

What can v5 give me that FS2020 can't?
When looking at youtube-videos comparing v5 with FS2020, there is simply no contest in my view. FS2020 wins it, flat out, with not even a little bit of doubt.

The only thing cooler about P3D, at this moment, is the name "Lockheed-Martin" vs FS2020's "Asobo".

Maybe the military users will be those who keep P3D alive, but I'm not even sure THEY will stay when FS2020's SDK gets up to speed.

FS2020 has done nothing short of setting a new bar, and a high one at that (Again; I'm coming from P3D v3, so my comparison is made in that light, which is obviously not a fair comparison)
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by choppa »

Interesting comment. I am using P3d V4.5 and V5. Yep, have had a few challenges with V5 regarding Video card hangs, but am hoping that the next hotfix will erase that issue.
I have also downloaded MSFS. Yes it is very detailed graphically is some area, but pretty bad in other parts. I am a real world GA pilot and therefore looks come in to second place when comparing sims.
MSFS has a long path to walk to reach the fidelity of P3D in regard to real world navigation etc. Even the handling of the aircraft feel very much like a game. I am sure they will get there in time.
Competition can only be good for our hobby and am looking forward the LM's upgrade path plans. Really, if LM can improve on the flight dynamics and graphics that would satisfy me personally.
I am just currently "playing" with MSFS to explore its strengths and weaknesses. But at the moment it falls way behind P3D v4.5 in regard to a working flight simulator that I can practice on when I am not able to get into the real skies.
I can understand people enjoying MSFS as a game, pretty pictures and very basic capabilities but it hasn't matured enough as a flight sim in my humble opinion. As said before, only time will tell.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Daviletis »

Personally Choppa, you have been correct in everything you have commented. You know what you are talking about and you have experience. The only thing, that prepar3d improves on the details and errors that it is having in V5. You can still see buildings floating in the sea or insufficient landclass and it is still an improved FSX. I liked the V5 version a lot but it is the same as FS2020, that is, it has to improve a lot.
I have not bought the FS2020 either. I will continue with X-plane 11 and Prepar3D since for now it is the ideal solution for IFR flight and they have magnificent addons.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by Wonderboy »

For me, the release of v5 turned out to be a frank failure and was not worth the money. The only thing I expected from the new engine is that it will finally unload the first CPU core and it will no longer be a bottleneck for FPS. It didn't happen, but they added a terrible new atmosphere, changed the color scheme and ... that's it.
The new simulator is only a few months old, it has childhood illnesses, but the work with the developers is very transparent, the lists of bugs are regularly updated, and in general it is clear that work is underway. I don't even want to talk about the graphics, there are no chances for P3D.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by JorgenSA »


You are, with all respect, comparing apples and oranges.

MSFS 2020 and Prepar3D were designed for completely different target audiences - MSFS 2020 for the amateur arcade-gamer, who wants something flashy to look at, and Prepar3D for realistic flying training, up to and including (in the Professional Plus version) weapons training.

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All views and opinions expressed here are entirely my own. I am not a Lockheed-Martin employee.
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by mcdonar »

After around 40 years of flight simming, I have run out of steam to constantly chase the many maintenance tasks of P3D. So I have decided to stop active flying until firstly, I have a stable P3Dv5, and then a GFO and updated PMDG 777 for MFS.
Until then I shall maintain an active watch of all developments. I hope that the wait is not too long.
Regards, Richard
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Re: P3D vs MS2020

Post by comeup101 »

I must say I don’t really like comparing sims but being a simmer over the last 20 years I must say MSFS2020 gets a slam dump. The default GA planes are great, the lighting and graphics are realistic out of the box which will save a lot of $$$ over years. My close friend a real pilot loves MSFS2020 and says it is a game changer.
Me personally I love both I love the GA flying of MSFS because of the scenery it feels so real and the multiplayer is awesome it’s so easy to fly with friends.
I love Prepared3D for the for the commercial airliners and I believe it looks better at high altitudes also, the weather looks real with the right weather programs I also love the many airplanes to chose from and the use of VR.

It’s hard to trust Microsoft after the way they left us in the past, I was so disappointed with them but thankfully Lockheed Martin came to the rescue and I appreciate them for doing so.

I’ve never been a X-Plane guy but I respect what they’ve done for the flight sim world.

I just love flight simulators and I hope all of them stick around competition is good, plus if one bails on us I want another one to go to.
That’s my two cents

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