Effect size memory processor on FPS and GPU

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Effect size memory processor on FPS and GPU

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Dear simmers,

A lot of advice is given on this forum which helps me put together a new PC for playing Prepar3D v5.
Now I have two more topics that I cannot reach.

The first concerns the effect of working memory on the number of FPS.
I have three Intel processors in mind, namely;
A - i7-10700K (socket 1200 RAM 128 GB turbo 5.1 GHz)
B - i9-10900X (socket 1200 RAM 128 GB turbo 5.3 GHz)
C - i9-10920X (socket 2066 RAM 256 GB turbo 4.6 GHz).

1. Is there a big difference between the models in the FPS to be achieved?
2. Does it matter to P3D / FPS and graphics card that the i9-10920X does not have integrated graphics?

My last question concerns the motherboard using MSI Geforche 1080 ti aero OC, which I already own.
1. Is there a motherboard that controls the optimal use of the graphics card?
2. Which motherboard would you advise me?

Thanks for those who want to answer me questions or indicate where I can find the answers to these specific questions.

Emiel Koestal

Translated from Dutch to English by Google

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming -Carbon Wifi & i9-10900K & MSI GTX 1080 Ti AERO OC & 32Gb geheugen
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