FPS drop in multimonitor viewgroup

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FPS drop in multimonitor viewgroup

Postby sisoffi » Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:05 pm

hi, i am using a home cockpit where i have 3 undocked views such as camera view and flyelise for the correction of the view calibration (tetsed also without flyelise). I'm having a big problem.
I am still using the method with nvidia inspector where I put the sync in half refresh to have 30 constant fps and a single monitor works perfectly with the complete fluidity of the sim. But, the moment I launch the viewgroup with the views in the other monitors the frame collapses to 10 fixed. Without the 30 half refresh rule the frames remain high without problems but I have never found the square for the stutter. Only with this rule I have full fluidity. Does anyone have in mind why the 10 frame is crossed? maybe there is to set some settings in inspector for multimonitor? Thank you so far for your help...

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Re: FPS drop in multimonitor viewgroup

Postby MHargrove » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:22 am

You don't say what resolution you're trying to run, or what your video card is, or what the specs of your system are -- which makes it difficult to give specific advice.

Broadly, I've never had a good experience with undocked views across multiple monitors. An undocked window makes the simulator work MUCH harder and two undocked windows showing external scenery may just flat out be too much to achieve a decent frame rate. I know for sure that it's not possible with 4K displays.

I solved this problem by running a separate PC for each of my five "external view" monitors, all 4K displays -- but I've used the multi-PC setup even when I had standard HD displays.

Have you considered running the monitors in 'surround' mode (assuming you have an Nvidia card) and using flyelise to fix the display distortion that 'surround' will cause?

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