Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to computer hardware and the Prepar3D client application
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Hi Guys

The last few weeks I was trying to get better frame rates for Prepar3D.

I went to all the forums and read almost anything about tweaking the system.

Now I found this beautiful and genius program that makes it work in seconds.

You have to use this,if you like flying with normal frame rates.

http://secure.simmarket.com/fsps-xtreme ... ster.phtml

I give from here a big hug to these brilliant guys.


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Read about the sense and nonsense of FPS

and play with the balls to see what your machine is capable off.
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I bought this also and it worked wonders for P3d. I enjoy it more than ever now. FSX will be a thing of the past I believe.

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The improvement in FPS is quite amazing. From 3-4 parked at YMML in Orbx to 11-14. I do have one problem however in that I have a serious "fish eye" effect from the centre of the screen. This elongates objects to an unacceptable amount. I have posted a support ticket. I can not find a Forum.

Cheers, Mac

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If you want to ease the load on your machine and thereby get a smoother flying experience. Have a look at this freeware :-


It has a long pedigree and does what it says on the box.