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GroundAssist for all versions of P3D

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:12 pm
GroundAssist is a SimConnect-based freeware utility that contains two functions useful for ground-based operations:
  1. Taxi AutoThrottle
    • Works similar to an in-flight autothrottle, but meant for taxiing.
    • No more fiddling with throttle controls to find that sweet spot! Throttle levers are uniformly and smoothly operated.
    • No more fiddling with throttle controls to ensure uniform thrust!
  2. Pushback
    • Allows user to control the pushback tug, and receive visual feedback regarding speed and turn direction.
    • Optional animated tug model.
    • Optional use of yoke controller axis to drive the tug.
A detailed PDF user manual is included.

Download now!, graciously hosted by AVSIM.


- Bill