CANADA for P3Dv4

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CANADA for P3Dv4

Postby simaddons » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:18 am

Simaddons is a 10 years old addon developer for flight simulator sceneries with homebase in lovely Switzerland.
We develop compatible scenery addons for Prepar3D since version 2.x.
Our targed is to complete the empty map in Canada with good quality sceneries for pilot training worldwide.

Our Canada Airports:
Halifax CYHZ, Moncton CYQM, St. Johns CYYT, Deer Lake CYDF, Saint John CYSJ, Fredericton CYFC,
Charlottetown CYYG, Sydney CYQY, Yarmouth CYQI, Ottawa CYOW, Rockcliffe CYRO, Winnipeg CYWG,
Saskatoon CYXE, Hamilton CYHM, Billy Bishop CYTZ, Calgary CYYC, Castlegar CYCG, Kelowna CYLW,
Prince George CYXS, Banff CYBA, Edmonton CYEG, Thunder Bay CYQT, Iqaluit CYFB and for
Nova Scotia 26 small airfields.

All airports with moving jetways, new ground vehicles, seasonal textures, night illumination and
some with controlled deicing pads or openable hangar doors.

Additional tools like controlled refuel, follow me, deicing procedure, real icing simulation,
city updates, rain and snow update, lightning update, new cloud models.

For P3Dv4 we offer 3 region packs, east, center and west.
It's more easy to install 3 packs than 50 single airports...

More infos check our website here: SIMADDONS

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Re: CANADA for P3Dv5

Postby simaddons » Wed Jul 15, 2020 2:51 pm

Simaddons is now ready for P3Dv5

All sceneries reworked and with layout 2020.
New with 28 sloped airports with exact elevation as in published airport charts.

Canada is not flat, fly Simaddons!


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Re: CANADA for P3Dv4

Postby JRS » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:14 am

At the moment I have installed P3D4.5hf2. And I will stay with it until end of 2020. I still have P3Dv5 ready for installation.
So my question is: Is there a possibility to upgrade later on to version P3D5 scenery extensions? If yes how much are the cost?


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