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Black Marble Extended Lights Pack Released!!! ✈

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:53 am
by MyPC8MyBrain

A game changer by our industry standards; Extended Lights Pack defies simulation laws as we know it :)
With worldwide coverage all embedded in one package the same coverage our Black Marble line offers,

Extended Lights Pack replaces Sim native Autogen based lighting system with a none Autogen based lighting sub system that takes over existing Autogen based lighting, This translates to static lights for miles and miles,
Not only Extended is a worldwide package eliminating popping effect,
Extended Lights Pack also works over all existing and or any future Photoreal set,

You heard it right! one system rules them all, Landclass and Photoreal seamlessly as one no matter what you setup is Extended Lights will work with anything and any technology, it is not restricted by Photoreal LOD or resolution, and… did we mention this is a worldwide package!?

more Project details here
If you’ve been following our progress Extended is available in our Shop now!

we hope you enjoy this release 💝
Creative Design Studios Team.