"Dual Scenery" NSW

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"Dual Scenery" NSW

Postby NormanLGibson » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:22 am

I am re-sampling my NSW Australia 15m Imagery scenery to an LOD such that your Land class scenery will show at lower altitudes whilst the 15m Imagery will show at higher altitudes. I call it "Dual Scenery - The best of both worlds"

The benefits of this type of scenery is that Land class scenery such as ORBX can cover the entire globe at a nice resolution without filling your Hard Drives whilst the 15m "real" scenery is less expensive than a higher resolution imagery scenery and takes up far less HD space. For instance NSW at 15m "Dual Scenery" is approximately 3GB whereas 1m resolution could be around 300GB and much more expensive.

Below are a few screenshots around Sydney

Low altitude with ORBX below the aircraft

Low altitude with ORBX AU Australia Series Landclass below the aircraft. You can see the 15m imagery scenery in the distance.

A little higher. You can hardly notice a change between the two sceneries.

From the cockpit. If you look carefully you can see the ORBX landclass in the very bootom corner of the scenery. The blend here is perfect.

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