AITTP 2018 v1.5 released for P3D v4.3

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AITTP 2018 v1.5 released for P3D v4.3

Postby FlyboyNK » Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:52 am


I have updated AITTP 2018 v1.5 to add support for P3D v4.3

Latest version 1.5 ( supports P3D v4.3, v4.2, v4.1, v4.0 and *new* including all P3D v3.x versions.

- You first select FS/ P3D path, correct version and version information will populate textbox(s)
- Check your current speed and time settings, create backup and/or restore functions.
- This utility will allow you to select your AI aircraft taxispeed if you desire to increase or decrease this setting (range from 20 kts up to 40 kts in intervals).
- Also you can select your AI aircraft timeout settings (range 5:00 minutes up to 15:00 minutes in intervals).
- If you wish to only change one of either taxispeed or timeout and keep other the same setting you may also do so.

Utility program uploaded to avsim and flightsim



Jorge Buchelli

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