Free "Flight Instructor" audio files for Prepar3D

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Free "Flight Instructor" audio files for Prepar3D

Postby dougpeck » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:40 pm

I created two audio files for use with Prepar3D using Microsoft Voice Recorder. They are like having a flight instructor sitting next to you in the cockpit. One of them is an instrument training flight that shows you how to set up the radios, track to VOR's, and intercept ILS's, and the other one is an Extra 300 airshow that shows you how to perform seven aerobatic maneuvers in an airshow routine, with correct airspeeds for the Extra 300. You start up Prepar3d and then click on the audio file on your desktop and then the "flight instructor" on the audio file prompts you from there. If you will send me an Email I will send them to you ( I would like to get your feedback. Thanks, Doug Peck

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