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Toposim Planet Earth Bundle, and more . . .

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:08 pm
by Toposim
Toposim has completed LOD11 / 19m terrain mesh coverage for the whole Planet Earth north of Antarctica for all versions of Prepar3D . . .

Widening our bundled options to cater to any and every budget and area of interest, we have now made a planet-wide Planet Earth Bundle ... th-bundle/

covering everything, as well as the Western Hemisphere ... re-bundle/

and Eastern Hemisphere Bundles, ... re-bundle/

all at great savings over purchasing individual continents, regions, and individual countries.

We also have the ongoing Buy One Get One Free promotion covering regions and continents.

And if your area of interest is specific, we have the world sliced into individual countries too, many of them freeware.

Download countries, regions, whole hemispheres or even the whole planet at your leisure and cover your entire FSX/P3D virtual world with high-quality, high-resolution terrain mesh today!

More info at