Carrier and Convoy Planner (CCP) Released

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Carrier and Convoy Planner (CCP) Released

Postby motuslechat » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:43 am


I'm happy to annonce that the new version of CCP for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D v2 and v3 is available.

With this tools, you can add fix or mobile targets like building, single or formation of ground vehicles, boats, aircrafts , start your mission on carrier, create fictive targets on photoreal scene, laser pointer, create and use TPS files for Tacpack... in Single or Multi Player

Download link :

Here are the links of the excellent and detailled tutorials from Blue (thank you again, Blue) :
New features of :
CCP v New Feature Tutorial
CCP v Tutoriel sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités - en Français

"Basics" features available in :
CCP Full Feature Tutorial
CCP v - tutoriel complet des fonctionnalités - en Français

News in Version :

add possibility to add simobjects in FSX 3D World
-------- Arrow keys not work on all PC
-------- Objects will not spwan into 3d world when importing a mission

add JTAC (laser pointer)
--------------- 1. Click "Into Sim"
----------------2. In the simobjects list, Select Others\Laser_Pointer(1234)
----------------3. Clic on "Create Object" (it is now present in FSX not visible but an green arrow show the position)
----------------4. Move object with arrow keys
----------------5. Clic on "Validate the position"
----------------6. Create an other one or save it.
----------------7. Add to monitor if you want.
----------------The laser code of the laser pointer will always be 1234 which is the defaut sqawk code for the AI aircraft.

add possibility for AI Airplanes to Take-off and Land (alone or formation)
add Airplanes pattern
add airplanes pattern stay in formation when leader turn
add Airplanes formation
----------------1. clic on airplane button
----------------2. select an airplane
----------------3. add waypoints
----------------4. clic on "Create Formation"
----------------5. choose a formation
----------------6. clic on "Save" the formation
----------------7. clic "Add to Monitor"

add on Airplane part, Airports are now clearly visible on map
If you have others airports than the default FSX/P3D airports, you can add them like that :
----------------1. in CCP\Data folder you will find MakeRwys.exe
----------------2. copy it in your FSX or P3D folder
----------------3. now double click on MakeRwys.exe
----------------4. now you have a Windows which indicate that it search airports and runways in bgl files
----------------5. it takes few minutes
----------------6. now in FSX or P3D folder you can find a file named : runways.xml
----------------7. copy this xml in CCP\Data folder
----------------8. delete the Data\runways_FSX.dat or Data\runways_FSX_SE.dat or Data\runways_P3D.dat
----------------9. rename runways.xml en runways_FSX.dat or runways_FSX_SE.dat or runways_P3D.dat

add indexing Misc objects

add possibilty to use P3D V3 (not supported). In config.ini file add these lines
Warning, you need to use the last version of FSUIPC

add TPS file (only one : limitation of Tacpack) can now be added in Monitor and directly started by CCP

add CVN-75 in the list to show parking place

add new AI Traffic for Libya (thanks Bovsam)

add FSXatWarPack1_Rafale_M AI airplanes
add Boats\FSXatWarPack1_U.S.S_Nimitz_Class to have USS_Class 71, 72, 73 and 76 versions
add Misc\FSXatWarPack1_AttackStatic targets
add Misc\FSXatWarPack1_BomberStatic targets
add Misc\FSXatWarPack1_FightBomberStatic targets
add Misc\FSXatWarPack1_FighterStatic targets
add Misc\FSXatWarPack1_InterceptorStatic targets
add AN26 (static only) and Humvee models
add Flak + Smokes Simobjects and their effects
add M-163 Ground vehicle
update SA3 5P71 model
Thanks to RafaleMirage for all 3D models
Thanks to Cougar for all effects

update MCX DLL for Viewer (thanks Arno)

fix Multi Players for FSX/FSX-SE and P3D V2 or V3
fix problem with P3D in MP : Carrier not spawn on clients
fix positions of airplane (alone or formation) between photoreal and sim. airports
fix issue with the sync mecanism and IDs that prevents CCP to work properly if server connects CCP to FSX before all the clients join
fix error when user quit P3D before to quit CCP
fix FSX/FSX-SE Client correction to show Simobjects in monitor and start at the good time
fix Additional_Airplanes folder for TackPack and IntoSim Tabs
fix list of Ai Objects in Monitor when there are created (have only one entry for each object)
fix in Boat part, error when you want to "define Postion"
fix in Boat and Ground parts, error when you delete and add vehicle
fix in Boat and Ground parts, distance and Heading are now always 0 and zero for the first vehicle even if you use "Move Up"
fix start carrier when there are 2 carriers
fix issue with two carriers starting at the same time
fix : not able to set a formation from a GPX file
fix when you change Part (Boats, Ground, Airplanes...) CCP ask if you are sure you want to quit : you say No but it lost all your job
fix bug in Airplanes import when airplanes is not in default Simobjects\Airplanes path but in the second possible folder
fix heading for airports with MagVar
fix bug for airplane if initial altitude equal 0
fix double entry in oob.xml for airplanes formation
fix error in viewer if oob.xml contains a model not present on your sim
fix speed of aircrafts before they start
fix speed for Ground Vehicle if speed is less than the max

Thank you again to the best Team and special thanks to Bovsam, Blue, Wood and Chris_Pel for their patient, time, tests, analyse !

Have a fun.

If you need help, contact us on our forum :

Motus on behalf FSX@War team

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