Quixel Will Feature P3D Export Format

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Quixel Will Feature P3D Export Format

Postby lionheart » Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:23 pm

To Be Announced;

Quixel will be coming out with an export option that is for Prepar3D DDS format for their exotic Quixel Suite package. Painters and teams can then export directly to DDS format for P3D work.

Quixel is a industry production paint kit that features smart scratches and smart wear painting for production high-realism texturing on a production scale with extreme attention to detail.

In a future update, you will be able to go into Export options and select Prepar3D and DDS as export locks and your export will be in DXT5 format (FSX/P3D) and you can then export and check your work in P3D as you paint.

This will be in a near future update. It is not presently in the package.

We will have to still personally hand-edit the Normal (Bump) maps but the DDS formats will be automatic and P3D/FSX format selectable. (wheww hooooo!)

For those that do not know, Quixel Suite (DDO and NDO) work in Photoshop complete with visible 3D viewer and allow smart selection of zones of mapping as well as high realism texturing of materials and also 'smart scratches and smart wear' for doing production texturing of models. They sell both a painter pack and a pro team payware pack. You can learn more about Quixel at quixel.se (online) and at their team page at YouTube where they have a ton of tutorial videos.


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Re: Quixel Will Feature P3D Export Format

Postby Snave » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:31 am

Thanks for the HU, Bill. looks like it has the potential to reduce rendering time considerably.
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Re: Quixel Will Feature P3D Export Format

Postby roger-wilco-66 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:47 pm

I bought Quixel last week and start to get aquainted with it, an amazing piece of software.

Sorry of being a bit OT with my question, Bill, but is it possible to burn ambient occlusion maps into the textures with it? It's not clear to me from reading documentation.


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