[VIDEO] THREAT instructor station: AI takeoff and landing

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Postby minime » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:37 am

In order to show off the greatness of Prepar3d Professional and its viability as a military training platform here a new video I shot during testing of the spawn trigger.

Basically it works like this: you can assign a certain number of aircraft to an airfield, and these aircraft will then take off by themselves, fly a tactical mission, intercept and shoot every enemy aircraft they see and finally land again after the fuel is empty.

For the video I only gave them about 20 seconds of fuel, so the mission is rather short. :P However, it shows the automatic spawning, takeoff and landing AI. Of course as always: alpha state, work in progress. As soon as I got A/A missile releases implemented in a stable way I will tape a longer video of a fully automatic AI mission.

I am actually flying the Apache helicopter you see at the airfield... everything else is artificial intelligence. The two aircraft you see are separately controlled, so they could fly away from each other if they wanted to.


Have fun!

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Postby Micky » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:02 pm

Awesome minime, seriously, LM should take in mind the posibility to work with you basically you are a very potential user-programmer-support client on P3D Professional version...

In my opinion LM should improve and invest more on this kind of things like the AI ... As you can appreciate in the video there are some details could improved like the "anormal" descent glide the F22 do on minute 3:55.. Anyway the development going to the right direction if we keep reporting and supporting like you are doing.

PS: Good to see F22 Raptor taking off/landing at LEAB :P :P

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Postby minime » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:42 pm

Hehe yeah, maybe in the future we get an F-22 here. :P

Yes, the descent is weird due to the terrain elevation, but yeah that's easily fixed. I hope. :P

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