[VIDEO] THREAT Instructor station (early alpha version)

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Postby minime » Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:25 pm

As many people are aware I am currently developing an instructor station for Prepar3d.

Due to some requests, here is a video of the newest alpha version I built tonight. Be warned: This is not a marketing video. :)

The software is not a fancy specially prepared build that was just created to do the video. This was literally ripped out of the subversion repo and taped today. The whole video was shot in one go. There is no cutting, no after effects and no editing at all. This was just taped and uploaded for other developers to look at.

There are bugs happening in the video. Most are actually Prepar3d bugs, some are already fixed, the rest is on the todo list, so don't worry about them. Did I say... alpha! ;)

You will see me shooting my own tanker, some low level flying and bombing. Feel free to skip forward when it gets boring.

Anyway... here it is:


Have fun!


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