Why are there three different sets of SimVars for stations?

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Postby minime » Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:08 pm

How can I find out what is hanging on a station (GUN / WEAPON / COUNTERMEASURE) before I request ALL the SimVars?

Depending on what is hanging there I need to use one of the three different sets of SimVars.

If its a gun, only the GUN SimVars are filled... and the same for WEAPON and COUNTERMEASURE.

But there is no way to tell which variables I should request, so I have to request all of them and then check the results.

Can someone explain what the design idea was and why we cant just use the same set of SimVars, no matter what is hanging there?

And then, as long as we are stuck with the three sets of variables, is there a clean way to find out what is hanging on a station other than checking all the SimVars?

I am looking for something like:



1 = GUN


If I know which load type it is I can use the correct SimVars right away without bruteforcing or guessing.


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