Multichannel cfg documentation / ViewGroup crash

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Multichannel cfg documentation / ViewGroup crash

Postby HLFS » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:26 pm

Dear everybody,
I am writing this as I again try to assist a customer in multichannel related issues.
The setup is one master, one visual client with three GPUs, three projectors attached, warped with FlyElise.

The client exhibits strange crash behaviour. The client synchronizes and loads, but in about 50% of the cases, the enviroment is shown for a few seconds after loading only on the main display, then crashes to desktop, and until then, it shows only one standard cockpit view. In the other 50%, it then loads the viewgroup and populates the other two views also.

The setup exhibited this behaviour already prior to a complete reinstallation and new configuration, and the error started with 4.4 and upwards, currently installed Win10 1903 and P3d 4.5hf1, nVidia 436.30.
I do not post the config files as they are the standard configs from the SDK with only host and client names changed.

1) is there any documentation what the other parameters in the cfg do? The sdk only says "do not touch", but could I influence my client behaviour perhaps? How does frame sync rate interact with framerate and network performance?

2) Is there any way to get a crashlog from P3d for debugging? All scenery error debug switches are on, the crash does not show up in the windows event log. Only showing some network packages in processviewer at the end and then the process just kill9 itself.

3) What changes were made in 4.4 to the multichannel/network code? The changelog does not mention any.

4) Could this be some latent error in the displays- or viewgroup-xmls? If yes, why does it sometimes work, sometimes not?

Looking forward to any speculation,

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