VR can you use the mouse pointer?

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VR can you use the mouse pointer?

Post by Oxcart »

Oculus Rift S, Can you change the settings to just use a mouse pointer to select and changes cockpit settings, like in the 2D or VC non-VR, and not the white ball that's tied to your field of view? Thanks
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Re: VR can you use the mouse pointer?

Post by pmb »

I don't understand this VR cursor thingy at all. I use an Acer WMR headset. After switching to VR I get the "dot" cursor. I can move this either (i) using the mouse, or (ii) chaning gaze direction. This is irritating. Besides, the "dot" cursor is pretty big and ugly. Sometimes the mouse function is lost and there only remains the gaze movement rendering it virtually unusable for operating controls.

"Enable Eye Tracking" as well as "Enable Gaze Selection" according to the Help Center are both off.

As the OP, I don't want to use controllers, just the mouse.

Is there something wrong from my side ?

Kind regards, Michael
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Re: VR can you use the mouse pointer?

Post by Ron Attwood »

Not just me then.
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Re: VR can you use the mouse pointer?

Post by David Mills »

I too suffer the identical experience. I see the clunky white dot. I use the mouse to change the flight controls in VR. But I sometimes have to click ten times on a control before it has any effect. Trying to set a specific altitude or air speed is almost impossible. I think the programmers here have simply given up trying. They don't care anymore and it shows.
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Re: VR can you use the mouse pointer?

Post by jimh20 »

I'm new to P3D5, and new to P3D5VR, after using every version of P3D via FlyInside. A search found this thread, and to my amazement the comments are identical to mine, but almost a year old.

I'm really impressed with the performance of v5.1 in VR. Therefore I'm finding it difficult to believe that LM have done nothing about this wretched cursor in all this time.

Could I politely ask if someone from LM could say if cursor efficiency in VR is on a to-do list, or if LM are satisfied with this cursor in its present form.

Best Regards, Jim
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