P3D V4 or V5 will not launch

Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to installing the Prepar3D client application or it's installer.
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P3D V4 or V5 will not launch

Postby DavyC » Sat Jul 25, 2020 10:57 am

Ok this started last week when I added an Orbx airport
P3D v4.5 would not launch - found that I needed to add a package entry to the add-on.cfg file in programData folder.

I then tried to add the active sky beta connector to the add-on folder and ever since 4.5 will not start. Incidentally active sky would not start as my pc put the folder in a P3D add-on folder under onedrive, when moved away from onedrive active sky started.

Okay I found that the P3D client would not uninstall, so I thought I would do a full system reset and data clear as I have 3 drives SSD for windows, SSD for flight sim and a HDD for everything else. Anyway it hung at 18% so I did a short reset adding the new windows update. Bought P3D v5 and installed it straight onto newly set up PC. V5 will not start. Tried removing the folders (see a handy shortcut to do this now) and tried again - no joy splash screen for about 10 seconds minimises and task manager sits at about 49mb I checked for any fragmented folders with add-ons with no luck. Checked the registry - nothing obvious. Found a link in the forum but it is broken. I am now on day 3 trying to sort this - any help pointers will be appreciated. Running as admin and as I said clean installs - no add-ons, currently trying a windows full erase and reset again - suspect might hang again.

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Re: P3D V4 or V5 will not launch

Postby DavyC » Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:54 am

Resolved - not sure why - would be interested to hear any views.

Win 10 64
P3d V4.5 and then P3d V5
GTX970 then GTX 1660
SSD drive for windows
SSD drive for flight sim
HDD for everything else

I recently changed from a GTX970 using a Matrox triple head to Go with 3 monitors and a 4th monitor on its own. The fan packed in so I upgraded to GTX1660, set up as follows

3 monitors using Nvidia surround - and the 4th monitor set up as a second display again through the nvidia control panel all seemed to work fine. i set the single monitor under win 10 as the main display. Last week problems started with what appeared to be the add-on folders, not writing to the files and P3d V4.5 would start and freeze nearly straight away showing around 59Mb memory in the task manager. it would then not uninstall the client. So I did a full re-install of windows adding the windows 2004 update and bought V5.

After rebuilding V5 did the same thing just hung at start-up. I removed all but one monitor and all USB connections except mouse and keyboard and it started. Rebuilt the system and found that if I reset my monitors 3 on surround and 1 on its own it would not work and hung again. I changed the main window display in win 10 to the 3 monitors - it works - change the main window display to single monitor - hangs.

Hope this makes sense.....

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Re: P3D V4 or V5 will not launch

Postby elmucki » Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:56 pm

I had a very similar issue a while back while using 3 monitors in surround. P4D would not launch. But when i extended the desktops it would launch. Odd. But i dont remember what i did to get it working. I use 3 monitors in Surround now with P5D and have 2 more monitors mounted for other tasks. Everything works like a charm. Maybe it was a driver issue or human error, who knows.

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