Error No Shader HLSL Directory Found

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Error No Shader HLSL Directory Found

Postby MACHAVIA » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:06 pm


I had the above error come up for no apparent reason the other day, in desperation to rectify I decided to carry out the install method which allows Client, Content and scenery installation following closely the procedure recommended, it worked OK but would ask if you would know why my frame rate has reduced from 50-60-FPS to 25-30 FPS.

Are there other options /requirements I need to follow /implement to get back the frame rate I used to enjoy, FOR EXAMPLE DO i NEED TO D/L and install Hot Fix 3 you recently released for version 4.5

I used the run repair option on the P3D installation part of the process after the client/content /scenery re- installation.

I am operating on Win 10 64 bit P3Dv4.5 computer spec Intel Core i78700K CPU @3.70GHz 16GB Ram intel UHD Graphics /Nvidia Geforce 1070Ti

SIM CONNECT VERSION 4.5.00 / P3D VERSION 4.5.1434680 . CUSTOMER id 1105658

Charlie McEwan
Best Regards
Charlie McEwan

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Graphics Card Nvidia GeForceGTX 1070Ti 0.0 Win  10 Home / 64 bit

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Re: Error No Shader HLSL Directory Found

Postby JorgenSA » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:08 pm


Check out this thread and see if that helps: ... 2&t=138710

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