CTD Due to NVIDIA Driver

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CTD Due to NVIDIA Driver

Postby coander » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:01 am


I am experiencing CTDs due to NVIDA Drivers according to my Event Viewer. I am running a GTX 970 with the latest driver. Does anyone know of a driver version that is working without any issues?

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?


Adam Breed
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Re: CTD Due to NVIDIA Driver

Postby Adam Breed » Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:34 pm

Hi coander,

Is it random or can you recreate it? What are the steps?

What add-ons do you have installed?

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Mr Nice
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Re: CTD Due to NVIDIA Driver

Postby Mr Nice » Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:56 pm

Possibly it could be a power supply issue? or overheating GPU?

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