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Downloading and Installing Prepar3D

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:54 pm
by Poppet

A Step by Step Guide to Download and Install Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D


These directions are intended for use when downloading and installing the Prepar3D v4 application on Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 operating systems. Prepar3D v4 is not compatible with Windows XP and is not recommended on Windows Vista. A video card with full DirectX 11 support is required.

If you encounter problems, the recommended method of support is posting on the Prepar3D forums

Click here for the Prepar3D system requirements

Please Note: Insure you fully update your windows operating system. This should include running Windows Update and updating any drivers to the newest version


There is 5 Guidelines to follow for a Successful Download and Install

(1) Download Manager: Use a Download Manager to Download Prepar3D to aid in a successful download

(2) Anti Virus Software: Temporarily Disable all Antivirus Software before you run the Installer

(3) User Account Control: Disabling UAC from possibly disrupting the Install process

(4) Extracting: Extracting the Zipped Download folder using a suitable extract Tool

(5) Administrator: Running the Prepar3D Installer as administrator



I) Accessing your Prepar3D Download after you Purchase

II) Downloading Prepar3D

III) Temporarily Disabling Antivirus software

IV) Disabling User Account Control (UAC)

V) Extracting the Zipped Prepar3D Download folder

VI) Installing Prepar3D

VII) Activating Prepar3D

VIII) First Flight (Confirming a good Install)


Note: Right Click on the Images and Open Image in new tab to view in full resolution

I) Accessing your Prepar3D download after you purchase

After purchasing Prepar3D, you should have received an invoice that included a link to the Prepar3D software download site. Open your invoice and click the Software Download Page link or click Downloads from the Prepar3D website (

With the Downloads page loaded, you will need to enter the license information found in your invoice.
On the right side of the page, enter your license ID and license password (under “Description” in your
invoice), and hit submit.

Once inside your Account Click on the Prepar3D link to Download the complete file



II) Downloading Prepar3D

Use a Download Manager to Download Prepar3D. A Download Manager will aid in a successful download

Note: If you are experiencing Issues downloading Prepar3D please see This Topic


III) Disabling Anti virus software

Temporarily Disable all Antivirus Software Before you Run the Prepar3D Installer, Your Antivirus Software may see Prepar3D as a False Positive and disrupt the Install Process.

If you are using Windows Defender Turn Off "Real Time Protection" and "Controlled folder access" for the duration of the Install process


IV) Disabling User Account Control (UAC)

Disable your UAC User Account Control from possibly disrupting the Install Process. Type UAC in your windows search bar. Click Never notify and Click Ok


V) Extracting the Zipped Prepar3D folder (Important)

You need to Extract the Zipped folder Before you run the Installer.

Use a tool like 7zip to extract the Zipped folder, The 7zip tool will Inform you if your download has not completed successful



VI) Installing Prepar3D

Note: You will need at least 30 gig of Hard Drive space with an additional 15 gig on your Operating System (C Drive) to Install Prepar3D

The recommended method to Install Prepar3D is by right clicking on Setup_Prepar3D.exe and Run as administrator


During the Install process you will have the Option to Install Prepar3D to a different location, You can achieve this by clicking Options and Create and Name a New Folder and Install Prepar3D to the location of your choice

For Example: C\Prepar3D v4...D\Prepar3D v4...E\Prepar3D v4...

Read the EULA and click the checkbox next to “I agree to the license terms and conditions.” This will enable the Install button

Click Install

The installation can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour depending on your computer



A second method of Installing Prepar3D is by running the Component Installers Individually, Client, Content and Scenery.

This is recommended only for advanced users

Navigate to your Prepar3D Downloaded folder

In this order (Important)

1) Right Click on Install_Client.msi Click Install

2) Right Click and Install_Content.msi Click Install

3) Right Click and Install_Scenery.msi Click Install

Note:  If you Install Prepar3D v4 by running the component Installer Individually, Please Insure you have the latest Microsoft Visuals 2015 and NET Framework 4.6.2 Installed 

Download  Microsoft Visuals 2015 x86 & x64 Run the Installer as administrator, Restart your computer

Download  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 , Run the Installer as administrator, Restart your computer

Please Note: If you are experiencing Issues Installing Prepar3D please see This Topic


VII) Activating Prepar3D

You will now have a Prepar3D Icon on your desktop, Right Click and run as administrator

Prepar3D must be activated before use. You will automatically be prompted to enter your license information during first execution. You are able to activate online, through another computer, or through email. More information can be found in the Learning Center (located in your install directory as Learning Center.chm) under Prepar3D Product > Activate Prepar3D > How to Activate Prepar3D.

If there are any issues with your license, please contact

Activating Prepar3D Online is recommended


Please Note: If you are experiencing Issues Activating Prepar3D please see This Topic


VIII) First Flight (Confirming a good Install)

Insuring the Install Process has been successful.....

Before you Install any 3rd Party Software (Ad On's), Launch Prepar3D, Pick your Airport or Location and Plane of choice, complete a quick flight and Insure everything is working and you have no Problems, Issues encountered at this stage are quicker to Troubleshot and Diagnose.


Additional Information

1) Antivirus Software (Excluding the Prepar3D.exe)

It is recommended to add the Prepar3D.exe from Inside your core Prepar3D folder to the Exclusions Zone of your Antivirus Software, This will Insure Prepar3D is not quarantined as a false positive


2) Diagnosing and reporting Issue's

The link provides General Debugging Steps / How to Post Issue Reports


3) Frequently Asked Questions

The link provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions If your question is not answered here, feel free to ask it on our Support Forums


4) Activation Issues

Please e-mail with a very brief explanation of the reason you need your license reactivated, along with your license ID and invoice number, and we will be happy to get you squared away in under two business days

Re: Downloading and Installing Prepar3D

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:23 pm
by Poppet
The link below is a short Video showing the 5 Basic steps to help you Download and Install Prepar3D successfully

I have also Included additional Troubleshooting links in the Video Comments