Pilot Career Mode

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Pilot Career Mode

Postby PalmPilot » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:20 pm

Would Prepar3D be able to provide a Career Mode based on real world standards? See below

- Currencies & Log Book
  • Experience, Reputation, Credits, #Hours, #Airports, #Takeoffs and Landings# (Day time/Night time)
- Account based
  • User information and Contact details. In "game" email system. Ability to send messages to other pilots. Ability for developers to share information, promote and market products (opt in/opt out)
  • Challenges, Missions, Activities, Campaigns (Series of Missions with Major Achievements)
  • Several Career Ways and "Story Lines", Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Bush Pilot, Stunt Pilot, Dogfighter etc, Example, 3D Cinematic with the Wright Brothers (North Carolina beach), eventually leading up to signing in at EAA Oshkosh Museum, starting the career as a pilot at Pioneer Airport with further advancement
  • Several real or fictional characters guiding the Pilot through further careermodes, eventually being sent to other locations around the world for Achievements and Campaigns (and returning to Oshkosh)
  • Mission availability dependant on weather, metar, notam etc.
  • Seasonal temporary events such as Oshkosh Airventure, Farnborough etc, (with promotional opportunities for developers, flying clubs, airlines and others)
  • Pilot based at airport (even when offline). Ability to "teleport" to other locations/airports but at a cost (credit loss)
  • Web portal/Mobile phone app including pilot directory, in "game" email box/chat/forum, map of current activity in simulator and other information relevant for pilots
- Examinations and Proficiency Checks
  • Flying tests
  • Theoretical Examinations (Simplified, Oxford partnership?),
  • Medicals (Simplified Check in the box forms).
  • Expiry dates of licenses and ratings according to real world regulations. Reminders by email from simulator (opt in/opt out).
- Reward and Consequences
  • Rewards - Currency, Achievements, Titles, Ratings, Licenses (PPL, CPL, ATPL etc.)
  • Consequences - Loss of Experience from crashes, bad landings, neglection of regulations
  • Higher Rewards (gain of XP and currency) and Consequences (loss of XP) for heavier aircraft / more difficult challenges
  • Possibility to loose license and/or rating due to loss of XP

- Formation of Flying Clubs and Airlines (Communities of Pilots)
  • Possibility to differentiate with logo/color/logo/name
  • Perks and Rewards (only achievable for being a member of a flying club/airline)
  • Recruitement of Pilots - Ability to set minimum entry requirements based on currency/XP/licenses/ratings
  • Achievements (only available to flying club/airline members)
  • Revenue in the form of credits for completing flights and challenges
  • Cost to obtain new equipment and routes/slots (increasing difficulty)
  • Cost to maintain and operate (CAMO, insurances, maintenance etc.)
  • Merchandise - Unlock special liveries, avatars, equipment/styling etc.
  • PPL and CPL pilots able to form Flying Clubs. Only ATPL Pilots able to form Airlines
- Airspaces and regulations
  • ATC to enforce flight plan requirements in controlled airspace (horizontally & vertically) or +25 NM radius from airport
  • Possibility to file simplified ATC flightplan over radio (ATC window) before entering controlled airspace
  • Free Flight mode only possible in uncontrolled airspace up to +25 NM from airport or in controlled airspace with no AI/"Multiplayer" pilots
  • Ability to dogfight other pilots in danger areas/restricted airspaces around the world (2nd WW2 planes). Possibility to Opt In/Out.
- Flights
  • Always Realtime - Option to teleport to stages of the flight TOD, BOD etc. but for less XP/currency reward
- Avatars
  • Several types of avatars, male and female with emotes/sounds

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