Can the AI draw bubble be decreased in the next version

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Can the AI draw bubble be decreased in the next version

Postby jetpilot1980 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:30 pm

I noticed that the AI draw bubble or reality bubble seems to be much larger than the old FSX or other versions of this software; such that aircraft at airports rather far away from user aircraft position are being injected causing the sim to run rather slow (less than 4 FPS) in high density AI areas such as IAD, ATL, JFK, ORD ect... Is there a way to decrease the AI draw bubble so that the AI setting can remain higher with more frequent "re-draws / re-loads" thus not killing FPS? Also on a related side note can the default AI traffic BGLs be separated out into three files one for GA, one of commercial, and one for the new military AI; instead of having them all fall under the "trafficaircraft.bgl"? Thanks!

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