dx12 and improve performance in fps

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dx12 and improve performance in fps

Postby Lipuprepar3d » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:42 pm

Now that there are many win10 users and that microsoft is going to support dx12 in win 7, there is not excuses to improve the simulator with dx12 and the real improvement in fps. It should run much better in a 7700k 5gh oc and 2080ti. I hope a big jump in the next version or I won't support prepar3d in the near future.

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Re: dx12 and improve performance in fps

Postby Cyclone1 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:51 pm

I am with on this one, another well know simulator has much better flight dynamics, no stutters and fast load times! Enough is enough with all of the version changes and no real improvement on performance. All ready on version 4 and the program still suffers from stuttering, guess they do not care? Flight dynamics are missing in this simulator that is supposed to be a training simulator I must really be missing something on the interpretation of, " Training Simulator"! I have faithfully supported P3D through version 4 but if some of these majors issues are not addressed I will use my other more realistic flight dynamics simulator which was purchased 2 days ago and is more realistic concerning flight dynamics: hands down! Come on Lockheed these repeated issues by your customer base need to addressed or the community may get smaller. On the flip side yes you have made many improvements through the different versions, however the meaningful changes that need to be addressed are well, not fixed! Adding more FSX error aircraft to the default planes is not an improvement, it just takes up important space and loads us with junk probably most do not want. This should not be a mirror to the FSX error. We have a 64bit program now and that is great, please improve this platform and make run circles around the other well know competitor, I want to remain loyal to this platform but if I am forced to leave because well known problems are not addressed then that is what I will have to do. Most of us have invested pretty heavy into the P3D platform and would really like to say we have the best out there, but at this time that would not be entirely true and most know this. Please fix the issues that the community has been voicing for awhile now, I am referring to the performance issues and also lack of flight dynamics not to mention every runway is flat in the base program. How do you train a pilot to land on a sloped runway in P3D when the runways do not follow with the real world: training program??? VR headsets are now starting to be released and the community is looking hard at this is P3d ready, other simulators are ready and waiting. Lockheed you are big and a great company so please take the lead, you see another platform doing something great then take that and do it even better, be the leader, the Big Dog on the block! Having stutters on the 4th version is not leading, feels like we have rolled back to FSX with the OOM's, no OOM's was great progress on Lockheeds part! Adding scenery and aircraft, your system is all over the place and has not changed, this is not good; in fact so bad a 3rd party freeware program has been developed, that is not right! This sim needs some major improvement and I am not talking about the kind of improvement that causes customers to abandon their payware and repurchase, that is just money down the drain for the customer and drives developers of scenery and aircraft crazy. So please communicate with the community and provide information concerning the many issues that are being addressed so that the consumer can make an informed and educated purchase of the best flight simulation platform. Adding junk aircraft to the sim by default is by no means an improvement, its kinda of a slap in the customers face; sorry but this is truth. How do you train and learn on a default aircraft that most systems do not even function; As P3D says this simulator is for Training; really with the default aircraft...I want this to be the best platform out there and I know well what Lockheed Martin is capable of, you are a very company as I saw and experienced in my Aviation years during my military career; come on guys lets do this I wanna stay on your side but improvements need to happen soon. Respectfully, DWC

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