Slow start since FSX...STOP scanning SimObjects++ on start...

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Slow start since FSX...STOP scanning SimObjects++ on start...

Postby sRon » Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:54 am

I tested P3Dv4 using all of my FSX setup including over 800 sceneries 3000 planes all possible AI with external old and usable Weather and other utilities. Some black objects due to not enough RAM. Just need a new computer and more memory as this computer is old...

I found that the reason for slow start is same as was with fsx same as when tested P3Dv3 and is just the fact that YOU scan all SimObjects at start without any reason.

Make a Maintenance option to be checked ONLY if user ask for it. From within the sim.

DO NOT check scan search for errors on all of my disk, add-ons planes textures each start.

This is the only reason for slow start.

DO NOT scan anything on start unless I user wants that. Anyhow in theses old days of .NET you don't need to scan anything unless a change in file occurred and you know that.

It is not important how many add-ons I have. Don't check any file more than once and never check files upon each start just because the file are there. I have 3 million files and for a certain flight most of them are not in use. Why are you continuing this FSX nonsense ?

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