A glitch on LUA scripts.

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A glitch on LUA scripts.

Postby Kkonejero » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:14 pm

Situation: has lots of AI aircraft active. Let say, all Learjets, all with the same Larjet.MDL, but with different liveries. And that Learjet.mdl has a Lua script associated. And the script select different textures, let say takeoff.dds and landing.dds on some condition. Each livery has their directory, with their corresponding takeoff.dds and landing.dds. Start simulation and everything goes fine. Lufthansa planes have the Lufthansa textures .Alitalia planes have the Alitalia textures. Landing planes change textures to landing.dds. But, and HERE comes the problem, the landing plane is from Lufthansa, but loads the Alitalia landing texture. As time goes by, all aircraft ends showing Alitalia textures. It looks like the Lua engine lost the association with the plane who owns the texture. It loads SOME landing.dds it finds in memory, not the one found on Lufthansa directory. This is an example with AI, but guess it happens on every situation when different textures. with the same name are loaded from different directories. Hope developers fix this.

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