SDK Tutorial on Character Rigging and Animation

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SDK Tutorial on Character Rigging and Animation

Postby lionheart » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:26 am

It would be nice to have a solid SDK Tutorial on how to animate and link a pilot type avatar for animations.

I have been trying for just over a week to figure out how its done and I am almost no where. Trying to get the arm to animate properly. There is barely any information on this anywhere on the web nor in the SDK.

I do not know what items to check in the IK sections for a pilots arm, no idea what versions of IK settings to use, how to link to parts when using an IK solver, and if IK solvers can even be used on a pilot.

In Max, my pilot operates fine, but in V4.4 he is deforming.

So I would like to ask for a detailed 'how to' tutorial on taking a rigged character and animate him. Not how to install all the bones and things, though that might be nice, and how to animate his arms for;
** Joystick
** Throttle

I would be so terribly grateful....


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