Voice Control Arguments using VoiceControlPhrases.cfg

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Voice Control Arguments using VoiceControlPhrases.cfg

Postby flydog7 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 3:37 am

I am using the Voice Control feature of v 4.4, using VoiceControlPhrases.cfg.
It would be good to be able to specify arguments, via voice or text, for the EVENT_IDs that can accept arguments.

For example: "fixed (constant)" values could be specified in the VoiceControlPhrases.cfg file
set N 1 ref (eighty five), AP_N1_REF_SET(85), 0.6
set heading (two ten), HEADING_BUG_SELECT(210), 0.6
set altitude (one zero thousand), ALTITUDE_BUG_SELECT(10000), 0.6

The (*) parents would indicate that a text fixed argument is expected. Parentheses would have to be a special character, used to signify an argument on the “left”/text side.

Furthermore, A more flexible version could use voice substitution for the arguments, such as:
set altitude(*), ALTITUDE_BUG_SELECT(var), 0.6

* (spoken value until end or major pause) would be substituted for var at time of execution. The (*) parens (or whatever syntax or command option used) would denote that a voice-flexible argument is to be expected, and the open-ended var in the argument means to substitute in the value. The "var" is just a dummy variable, so as to not confuse with () which would by default mean that the EVENT_ID has no argument in this instantiation.

By allowing variable speech argument substitution, that would greatly enhance the capability of the voice control feature, because one wouldn't need to replicate the "setting" EVENT_IDs into all the ranges of numeric values into text first.

Hope you will be able to incorporate these expanded capabilities into P3D.
Kevin H.

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Re: Voice Control Arguments using VoiceControlPhrases.cfg

Postby KevinKaessmann » Wed May 01, 2019 1:58 pm

My addition:
events not only toggle, but with ON/OFF or RIGHT/LEFT/UP/DOWN aso.

or as you mentioned, with parameters, say PUSHBACK(*)
called by speaking "pushback left", "pushback right", "pushback stop".

It would not only be usefull by voice control but also by FSUIPC LUA scripts when triggered not by pushbuttons but by on/off switches (VR Tact&Toggle f.e.).

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