P3D future development

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P3D future development

Postby skywreck » Thu Feb 18, 2021 1:03 pm

I have been a user of P3D since its release an currently on version 5.1+ hotfix. Since MSFS was announced and released many developers have ceased updating their scenery and abandoned P3D users. It seems that the new world in MSFS has been the main attraction, despite the simulator not being complete and the overall interfaces/menus leaving much to be desired and a lack of jet study level jet aircraft.

Is LM considering improving the P3D world so that developers will consider updating and developing more scenery? I'm not concerned about the number of people switching over to other sims but rather the likelihood that if the present trend continues we will face a situation where we will not be able to buy new airports or obtain updates in view of the fact that each version of Prepard3D ofter requires updating scenery, aircraft, etc.

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Joaquin Blanco
Joaquin Blanco
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