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Multiplayer - Copilot unable to move switches in Shared Cockpit - PREPAR 3D v4

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 2:42 pm
by airplane7794
Two computers are connected via a LAN connection and computer 2 (the copilot) has a shared cockpit with computer 1 (pilot). Both are running PREPAR 3D V4. Only the pilot with control of the aircraft is able to flip switches. If control is transferred to the copilot then the pilot is unable to flip any switches but the copilot can. The shared cockpit seems to work normally with the pre-loaded aircraft - the copilot can flip switches while to pilot has aircraft control.

We are looking to run a checklist which requires both the pilot and copilot to actively flip switches in the aircraft at the same time.

Issue appears to only occur on the Add-on aircraft we installed on the sim. All other functions of the aircraft work flawlessly.