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Automatically started Session remains in Paused

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:50 pm
by Geronimo_CH

I try to automatically start a multiplayer session. My current setup works fine except that the session ends up in paused mode. Only after I hit manually 'P' the session works fine (connections to session working as expected).

The session is started via command line switches:
"X:\...\Prepar3D.exe" "-net:Y:\...\MpHost.cfg" "-fxml:Z:\...\MpStartFlight.fxml"
The flight file works "Z:\...\MpStartFlight.fxml" works correct if I load it in free flight.
The file "MpHost.cfg" is listed at the end of this entry.

Working environenment:
- Windows 10 Pro 2004 properly updated
- Prepar3D Academic_4.5.14.34698

- Are the setings in my MpHost.cfg correct; specially the value "AutoStart=2"?
- What could be the cause that the session remains in paused mode?
- How can I acheive that the session at the end is in working mode?

Thanks for any help
Hannes Schmid

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MULTIPLAYER] AutoStart=2 AutoSignOn=1 AccountLogin=0 FrameSyncRate=0 LanUsername="P3D-Server 1" GameName="P3D-Server 1" GameDescription="Training" TimeToStart=0 MaxPlayers=31 ReservedForFriends=0 GamePassword="Xxxx" PasswordReqd=1 PublicOnWEB=0 PublicOnLAN=0 EnableShare=0 EnableVoice=0 EnavleVoiceOnCom=0 EnableVoiceIntercom=0 ClientEnableVoice=0 ClientEnableDirectVoice=0 AllowChangeRealism=1 AllowChangeLocation=1 AllowJoinInFly=1 AllowHostPauseSession=0 AllowPauseLocalSim=1 AllowSharedAircraft=1 AllowUseSlewMode=1 AllowAllHostAircraft=1 AllowAllAircraft=1 AllowRacingAids=1 AllowFailures=1 JoinWherever=1 JoinInAir=1 JoinAtAirport=1 DisableSharingAfterStart=0 EnableAntiCheat=0 WeatherString="Fair Weather"

Automatically started Session remains in Paused (Update)

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:37 pm
by Geronimo_CH
When I remove the command line switch "-fxml:Z:\...\MpStartFlight.fxml" and use the Prepar3d provided MpHost.cfg from "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 SDK\config\Sample Network Configuration Files\Multiplayer" it shows the same problem --> the session remains im paused mode

Re: Automatically started Session remains in Paused

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:39 am
by Geronimo_CH
Hello all

It is a bit disapointing to see that though lots of people have seen my question nobody including Lockheed Martin seems to have an answer to it. As a minimum I hoped for a confirmation by Lockheed Martin that currenlty there is no P3D possibility to solve the problem.

Kind regards