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Viewing of the moving parts of the aircraft issue

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:15 pm
by chrismot
Good morning, everyone,

During a multiplayer session in which all participants enter at the same time, no problem...
But when participants enter a current session, the last ones to arrive see the other planes with the canopy closed, no matter how open the canopy of the planes already in the session! This is a problem that existed in FSX, but P3D seems to have solved the problem for flaps and speed brakes, for example. Because these last two elements appear correctly for newcomers to a session, lowered or raised according to the manipulations performed by the pilot already in session. But this does not work for the canopy.

I specify that I am a developer, and that the canopy uses the variable (A:CANOPY OPEN, percent) for its animation...
Please tell me if this problem would only exist in my country...!!?