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Postby webcanique » Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:44 am


I use a joystick SAITEK X45.

I installed the SAITEK driver for Windows 7 ( 64 )

Problem: The button number 12 is always considered as in position activated.

I cannot declare the other buttons, because it is always this button which is detected.

In fact, it seems that P3D detects the button N°12 and the one that I wish to use.

P3D thus considers that only the activated button is N°12.

The funniest, it is because the button number 12 is not available on the joystick. No button corresponds to this number...

This problem does not exist when I check with the Microsoft configuration panel or with FSX or other simulator.

Have you a solution?

I am sorry for my bad English...

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