Throttle Sensitivity Problem

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Throttle Sensitivity Problem

Postby joanalonso » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:58 pm


I use gamepad buttons to control throttle, but the problem also happens if I use the standard F2 & F3 keys.

I have a problem with the throttle sensitivity. After an hour or so, (never less than an hour) the throttle sensitivity reduces to more than a half. So, for example if you start the flight there are let’s say 10 increments from idle to full thrust, after an hour flying you’ll need 25-30 increments from 0 to 100.
It happens with every aircraft (default or not) except with Aerosoft Airbus, which I believe it has a custom throttle code for detents.
I tried default aircraft, PMDG NGXu, QW 787, VRS F-18...

The problem persists with and without any addons, with and without FSUIPC, tried “throttle increase” and “throttle decrease” P3D controls, I did the same through FSUIPC... no luck. I have no idea from where the problem could come from.

Using P3D 4.5 Hf3

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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