Decent WMR Experience while waiting for Improvements

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Decent WMR Experience while waiting for Improvements

Postby whitav8 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 5:30 pm

It has been a difficult month after Version 5 release for some of us who enjoy VR. I have been seeing a lot of "device hung" and other graphics errors plus a lot of stuttering when looking sideways due to very inconsistent frametimes. I have tried a lot of combinations (along with frame limiting via Riva Tuner ) and have downloaded some upgrades and just wanted to pass along my temporary solution for having a successful flight in VR with my HP Reverb.

I upgraded Windows 10 to May Edition 2004 and am using the Game Ready Nvidia driver 450.99 (and also 446.14) - that eliminated quite of few of the graphics errors (not all ). Then I decided to try using the 60Hz option with the WMR HP Reverb so that with reprojection=motionvector, it would sync to 30Hz and provide a smoother, less "stuttery" result.

Maybe these changes are something that you already have tried but it is my stopgap until another hotfix or version improves the situation.
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