3 Monitor Crashes P3D 4.4

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3 Monitor Crashes P3D 4.4

Postby cookedinlh » Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:08 pm

I have been MONTHS troubleshooting a silent CRASH of P3D and have virtually rebuilt/cleaned out the OS and all drivers Running WIN10 i7-4790K 4Ghz 16G RAM P3D running on a 1TSSD 3 monitors running off a ASUS MATRIX GTX980 P 4DDR video card.

Originally, resizing or dragging P3D windows would Crash the program and point to a dll that is a symptom not the issue I'm told. No one else of the guys I fly with have this issue doing the same thing. So now I believe it is coming from my 3 monitor set up. I do not use "surround video" for my 3x 27"ASUS monitors to go full screen. It takes 3-4 seconds to switch so not useful flying. Instead I fill the center monitor and drag the edges an inch to the right and left monitors and with <ALT ENTER> it fills all three instantly . . but about 15-20 min into a session with nothing going on but the flying, I get a total FREEZE and 4-8 sec later P3D just goes away. Task manager shows that GPU gives up first and few seconds later P3D stops processing and crashes.

Does anyone have any insight into proper setups of 3 monitor systems? Is surround the only way to go full screen without a challenging the GPU card? Are there set ups I don't know about for the GTX? CPU is STOCK not over clocked.

How do I verify the GPU is working fully. FurMark says it's ok.
Any help thanks.

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