Viewgroups CTD with P3DV5.1.12

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Viewgroups CTD with P3DV5.1.12

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hello, I recently upgraded my setup from P3DV5.1 to P3DV5.1.12 and stopped working. it crashed every time I launch the sim.
I identified that the problem occur when I use my viewgroup file made for 3 projectors (from Fly elise) which was working properly fine with P3D V5, an V5.1 then, I formatted the entire system, and install latest windows 10 pro update, install P3D V5.1.12 (latest), with the latest Nvidia drivers (Jan 21). I launch the sim, with all the default settings (w/o viewgroups obviously) and the system worked fine. once I replaced my viewgroup file, and relaunch the system, it crash.

any workaround to this problem?

here is my system:

I7 11700K
Win 10 64bit pro 20H2
Nvidia RTX2070 with 3 projectors
Nvidia RTX1070 with 4 monitors

as said, my system worked just fine since P3D V4 to V5.1
I dont have the the P5DV5.1.8 (previous to Hotfix1) installation files to go back.

Please advise how to workaround this issue. thanks!

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Re: Viewgroups CTD with P3DV5.1.12

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Duplicate post, original here:
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