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Post by Davide92 »

Hi all!

If I buy Prepar3d v1.3 Academic License can I update later for the v2.0 ? But for free ?

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Post by janvaane »

This is common use in the software world:

Upgrade: A "software upgrade" means a major, standalone version of a software product. Such products are usually something you purchase.

Update: A "software update" updates a major (reference release) version of software, but does not upgrade it to the next major version (if one exists). Software updates are made available via download from the manufacturer and typically provide fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your program.

Additional Information

Key differences

A software update is usually downloadable free of charge; a software upgrade usually is not.

A software upgrade usually increments the first "dot" number of a product

It's up to the policy of the manufacturer how to implement.


As far as I can recall from previous posts from July 2012, the following bug fixes could be present in V1.4

1378 Losing power - Altimeter gaining altitude

1358 Autogen seems very grey

1359 Frustrating menus.dll error

1270 Reset to system time

1119 Panel Views Menu Anomoly
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Post by Davide92 »

Ok so I should wait for v2.0 right ?
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Post by Arismac »

G'day David. Many of us are using v1.3 which still has a few minor bugs but is generally very good. We suspect that v1.4 will be the next release but there is no scheduled release date. LM does not forecast release dates, a policy which I personally completely agree with.
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Post by Dogbitevictim »

No-one is answering davide92 directly. I would also like an answer to this question. As someone who has bought v1.3 I will be a little miffed if I have to buy it at full price when v2.0 is released.
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Post by PingPong »

They already said we will have to pay for 2.0, whether it's full price or not, that remains to be said.
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Post by Jarczynski »

Some clarification would be nice as a lot of people are holding off purchase on the off chance that 2.0 is only months away. Just some notice of a discount (and what %) would allow those holding back to make an informed decision. It would also likely boost user numbers in the short run, leading more developers to view the platform as having a viable market to develop for. Win win for end users and Prepar3d.
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I didn't get FS9 or FSX for free when I bought FS2002. Seems about right to pay for V2.

It's been said before that Academic Licenses will not get major upgrades for free. Maybe somebody from Lockheed will step in and clarify again if something has changed
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