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Postby khoubolt » Fri May 11, 2012 11:17 am

Hi friends,

Today was a memorable day for me.

I dowloaded Prepar3d ( $199.-)

I have a massive new PC with the following specs:

I7 Extreem 2700K 4.3 GHz

Vertex3 SSD 240 Gb

Brand new ATI Radeon HD7970 ( top off the bill)

Asus P8 Z68-v pro motherboard

Win7 ultimate - 64

I have FSX installed on this PC

I am very happy and satisfied.

The framerates:

On runway 34R Tacoma seattle in the of the cockpit PMDG 737ngx 30 fps.(very frame intensive)

All sliders in the scenery maximum

After take off I have limited my fps on 40, without limiting 65 fps

After installation of P3D I was nervous like a child with a new toy.

After the scenery configuration, sliders default, and the configuration of my screenresolution and other sliders I took myself to seattle.

To make a long story short,

With the default mooney Bravo a have a massive lost of framerate in comparison with fsx.

On the runway 14 fps and in the air 20 fps.( with this simple default plane)

After several times of tuning p3d and minimizing the detail sliders in the scenery this was the maximum result of my efforts.

There is a graphic distortion too.

On my screen is a second transparent desktop visible.

I reloaded my ATI Radeon drivers, this had no result.

I realize that I sound very negative but on this moment I am not very happy.

Fine tuning an application is always necessary but I did my best and had no result.

I am very disappointed.

Who can give me some advise.

Regards Kees

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Postby janvaane » Fri May 11, 2012 11:51 am

Hoi Kees ! Call you!
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