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Postby horsefeathers » Tue May 01, 2012 4:52 pm

Hi There.

Possible permanent download resolution requiring Pepar3d action

Sometimes, the reason for downloads failing is due to the proxy settings set by the ISP that a person uses to connect to the interweb. (Please note, this is NOT your own proxy settings that you have defined on your PC). The ISP may have enabled a file size limit, to prevent downloads above a certain size.

This can be seen by;

1) downloads failing to start

2) downloads failing part way though the download, and being unable to resume the download

3) downloads repeatedly failing at approx the same place

4) downloads failing, even though smaller files can be downloaded

(Have a look at the Squid Proxy doco for example - following)

For example, I can download part 3, and the install doco, but NOT parts 1 and 2 - and I have this same problem on the when attempting to download ORBX!!! - so its NOT site specific.

I am requesting that Lockheed / Prepar3d break the downloads into smaller files please (approx 1 Gb max)

I am having this issue, as are others apparently , and my ISP is being,ummm, unco-operative on this problem.

Download managers do not help in this situation, unfortunately.

So, the only way I can download is by having the download broken into smaller files.



==SQUID PROXY DOCO ===========================================

Can I prevent users from downloading large files?

You can set the global reply_body_max_size parameter. This option controls the largest HTTP message body that will be sent to a cache client for one request.If the HTTP response coming from the server has a Content-length header, then Squid compares the content-length value to the reply_body_max_size value. If the content-length is larger,the server connection is closed and the user receives an error message from Squid.Some responses don't have Content-length headers. In this case, Squid counts how many bytes are written to the client. Once the limit is reached, the client's connection is simply closed.)

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